Don Sphynx. Kitten
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Don Sphynx. Kitten
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The cattery owner Tatiana Karpuhina Hello! My name is Tatyana. I've always thought that my favorite animals are dogs, but later in practice the things took another direction...

My passion is cats. Hairless cats. When I saw these fairy animals on telly I fell in love with them passionately and forever. I rang around many breeders, visited a great deal of catteries and shows and finally found a queen – my lovely and tender one. She is a miracle – tortie, warm, hairless kid with a beautiful name – Angelina (Gelya) belonging to a Don Sphynx breed.

But as they say, the first step is the hardest. She was so affectionate and loving and purred so softly that I understood I need more than one cat. So I got the second beauty colored black, with huge green eyes. Her name was Arabella (Byasha).

Here the story of our family begins. Soon my girls grew older into a pair of lovely brides. The time to marry them off came. We sought and found two desirable bridegrooms. Gelya's fianc? was handsome red male Onyx, Byasha's bridegroom was irresistible black striped Oduvanchik (eng. – 'dandelion'). But for the first time both weddings fall through: girls stood to a firm position. I rode with my 'brides' for several times and several times received bridegrooms at my house. Speaking frankly, that was not very easy. But after all the efforts weren't in vain and we got two wonderful litters (look for the photos at other pages).

Don Sphynx - Lesha CharLy My experience of numerous journeys to the tomcats brought me to the idea: "I should do something with this – I need a worthy sire inside my cattery". The correct approach to the breeding work meant that my hairless females needed a male of a velour variety with excellent genotype, phenotype (appearance) and pedigree.

With this understanding I started the search of a super-cat. Lots of candidates were rejected and left aside weeping, but then I saw Lesha (full name - Sverchok Lesha CharLy, owner M. Litvinova) - yet young and tiny, purring all the time. And I told to myself: "There He is!"

That was a cute boy colored black tabby, velour. Clever muzzle, very playful.

Now he is no more a small kitten, but a big and handsome tomcat. In short, a "real macho".

Gelya and Lesha was a good couple and one day of November five small enchanting babies were born.

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Feline specialist and consultant Tatyana Karpuhina

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