Don Sphynx. Kitten
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Don Sphynx. Kitten
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V.I.P. Cats cattery was registered to the RFF (Russian Feline Federation) on 17 January 2000.

The most important aim of our cattery is breeding of true Don Sphynx cats with stable genotype and phenotype, or, simply put, animals that possess health, kindness and tenderness, which bring warmth, comfort and refined beauty in house.

We very carefully select pairs and consider everything: typical phenotype, color, pedigree, prepotency of these or that stud animals. In order to get healthy and viable litters, all matings are arranged between the parents, one of which is hairless and another is of a velour variety (If mating is between two hairless specimen, then undesirable consequences, displayed in kittens, are possible: a wrong bite, defects of the eyelids, reduced immunity or vital capacity).

Thus, following all the norms of a competent livestock breeding, our cattery creates the best condition for producing the litters of a high quality.

Kittens for sale. Don Sphynx
Zolotko-Goldy V.I.P. Cats (velour female-cat, color red classic tabby),
Zodiac V.I.P. Cats (velour male-cat, color black classic tabby)

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Feline specialist and consultant Tatyana Karpuhina

mob.: +7-926-232-47-81,
home: +7(095)944-36-01