Don Sphynx. Kitten
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Don Sphynx. Kitten
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Angelina Imperia Lick   Sverchok Lesha CharLy

Champion: Angelina Imperia Lick (hairless at birth female colored tortie). Nickname - Queen. Kind, tender and very garrulous.


Interchampion: Sverchok Lesha CharLy (velour male colored black tabby). Hates any shows, therefore being there he rather resembles a beast, though at home is as meek as a lamb, affectionate and loving. And he adores sitting on my mom's shoulders. (Poor mom! She has to "lull" a four-kilogram baby)

Zolotko-Goldy V.I.P. Cat   Intriga V.I.P. Cat

Zolotko-Goldy V.I.P. Cat (velour female colored red classic tabby). Nick-name - Ginger. Very curious, every closed door is like to promise her a secret. A real romp - many times she tried to meet the world coming outside through the window and been caught by the leg (BTW, we live on the 16th floor) td>


Intriga V.I.P. Cat (hairless at birth female colored black). Nickname - "Emergency" and "911". If somewhere the help is needed, or someone needs care, food or be cleaned, she will be there in a moment.

Zelda V.I.P. Cat Zelda V.I.P. Cat (hairless at birth female colored torbie). Hates being taken in arms, while prefers to climb on to somebody's knees and sleep there. And adores kissing. In her childhood she was the smallest in the litter and was called "Mite" or "Tiny". Now she rather resembles "Heavy artillery".

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Feline specialist and consultant Tatyana Karpuhina

mob.: +7-926-232-47-81,
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