Don Sphynx. Kitten
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Don Sphynx. Kitten
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Sphynx female Zelda V.I.P. Cat - 2 months of age (hairless at birth colored tortie) On the opinion of French cat specialists Sphynx has the same place among cat as Bulldog in the world of dogs. Sphynx are the most surprising and unordinary cats. None of humans can stay indifferent at the sight of Sphynx, though the reaction may be different: a shock, a delight, a wonder or, alas, an aversion. Many people feel pity looking at the Sphynx: "Poor creature, it might always feel cold".

In fact the things are far from being so sad. Sphynx is rather good as a pet animal and feels perfect in the room temperature.

Sphynx possess a very friendly temperament. They are clever and display a keen interest to everything happening around them, trying to be in the center of all events. Sometimes their love to humans even grows into a kind of passion.

It is considered that Don Sphynx carry the medicinal energy and positive biofield.

Absence of coat is compensated by a higher body temperature and perfect appetite (Don Sphynxes eat more than ordinary cats).

Feeding Sphynx is simply. You can use complete dry foods and cans. Otherwise use natural foods: meat, fish, curds, porridges mixed with meat and fish. It is important that all products are fresh and high-quality.

Care for the appearance of Don Sphynx is also not very difficult. Like with all cats you should trim his nails, clean ears and wipe eyes. One new feature here is that Don Sphynx sweats. Therefore you should wash him weekly or wipe the skin with a wet towel.

What washing treatments are suitable for Don Sphynx? Get the special shampoos for hairless cats in the pet shop or use a pH-neutral shower gel or baby soap. Some owners prefer dish-wash liquids. The most important thing is to wipe and dry the animal thoroughly after bathing in order to prevent overcooling.

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