Don Sphynx. Kitten
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Don Sphynx. Kitten
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Look at the photos of our new babies at the "Buy a kitten" page!

Mother-nature is very lavish in numerous enigmas, as well as in various gifts.

Olympia V.I.P. Cats. Don Sphynx One more such gift was the unique natural mutation. Due to it the cat specialists managed to create the new breed - Don Sphynx (DSX). This surprising animal reveals the harmony of appearance and temper.

  • If you wish to have something exotic - choose the Don Sphynx.
  • Smart cat - this is about Don Sphynx.
  • Need a kind and tender friend - this is Don Sphynx
  • The one who never gives you the opportunity to see a shed hair on furniture, carpets and in your plate is Don Sphynx.
  • If you have the allergy to the hair but want to get a companion no one would be better than Don Sphynx
  • Holding Sphynx in arms you save yourself from cold - his body temperature is about +42 ?C (107,6 ?F).

    The Don Sphynx appearance is magic and charming. They seem to be aliens that came to Earth from outside. They differ from all other breeds by a complete or partial absence of coat. Don Sphynx has elegant elongated-shaped legs, expressive muzzle, unusual almond-shaped eyes and big sensitive ears.

    When you look in the Don Sphynx eyes you feel that he knows something, which is beyond your understanding.

    Add the best of the tempers in the world to this extraordinary appearance - Don Sphynx are very kind-hearted and faithful. They adore their owners, plus they are cheerful and playful.

    Don Sphynx are a wonder! They can emphasize a delicate taste and bright individuality of the owner.

    As regards to purchasing of this charming creature, you can do it at our cattery: we offer high-quality kittens. All of them have pedigree certificates, are born from accurately chosen parents, are properly bred and already taught to adult food and toilet.

    Contact us by phone: + 7 (926) 232 47 81, + 7 (095) 944 36 01
    Ask the cattery owner - Tatyana Karpuhina, feline specialist and consultant



    Feline specialist and consultant Tatyana Karpuhina

    mob.: +7-926-232-47-81,
    home: +7(095)944-36-01

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